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Why Dems Must Drop Obama and Back Hillary for Prez

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Democrats Need Hillary Clinton to Get ToughFrom HuffPost by Sandy Goodman. As far as I'm concerned, the most sensible idea to come out of this whole debt-ceiling mess so far is from Vermont's independent senator, Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats. Sanders says President Obama is so weak in his dealings with Republicans that he should be forced to face opposition in next year's Democratic primaries.

Sen. Sanders didn't name another candidate or indicate he'd like a different Democratic nominee. But I'd like to suggest one: the candidate the president unfortunately defeated in the 2008 primaries, Hillary Clinton. She's the only other Democrat around who can win nomination and election.

I know Mrs. Clinton has said she has no more interest in the presidency. She's even denied that she's interested in heading the World Bank after she leaves the State Department. And her husband insists that what she really wants to be, above all, is a grandma.

But we Democrats have got to draft her to run against Obama, hoping that maybe if enough of us can persuade her that she's needed to save the country -- and put up enough money for her to win -- she'll change her mind. I know it's a very long shot -- and almost too much to ask of a politician who's gone through years of hell. But the alternatives, four more years of Obama, or one of the Republican lunatics or plutocrats currently in the picture, are simply unacceptable.

It goes without saying that four more years of GOP destruction of our government won't do. Neither will Obama, who has spent the last 2 ½ years in the White House permitting it to continue. He's caved in so often on so many issues that having him in office is little better than having a Republican there. And the continuing poor economy makes his re-election far from certain.

He came in with no leadership experience and promising national unity. A ridiculous idea, considering that Republicans had tried to destroy his last Democratic predecessor. Given her first hand memory of that, Mrs. Clinton would have entered the White House with no such illusions -- but with years of experience as First Lady and senator (and now with crucial foreign policy experience as Secretary of State). She'd have fought the GOP fanatics tooth and nail from the very beginning. Obama did exactly the opposite. He was determined to be reasonable. You can't be reasonable with fanatics.

What this country needed after eight disastrous years of Bush was jobs and a solution to the foreclosure crisis. What Obama gave us (besides a welcome, expanded health care plan that's still to be tested) was a stimulus that wasn't nearly big enough. He didn't fight for more stimulus; a big, much-needed infrastructure jobs program, or any way out of the housing disaster.

Instead, he gave in to Republican craziness, adopting their phony cry that the real economic problems were deficits and debts. Republicans spent eight years accumulating those deficits, and raising the national debt by 86 percent under Bush, without a worry in the world.

But suddenly, when Obama came in, Republicans made debt the nation's Number #1 problem. And Obama bought it. Instead of more government spending to replace the private sector's lack of same, he was almost as enthusiastic about debt reductions as the GOPers. Although, of course, they refused even to consider raising taxes, even on billionaires, as part of the solution. And the aim of their spending cuts, far from his, is "to starve the beast," i.e. destroy the government.

Continued here: Forget Obama, Draft Hillary

Acequias: Uniting the Past with the Future

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Acequias: Uniting the Past with the FutureVideo Preview 1min 57sec. "Acequias: Uniting the Past with the Future" is an in depth contemporary and historical exploration of land based irrigation systems and canals, and the cultures surrounding their life giving gift.

Irrigation has allowed people from all over the world and from many cultures and societies, thrive and live in otherwise uninhabitable regions.

From the ancient Sabaeans to modern day New Mexicans this tradition irrigation system has carried the history of many peoples and customs throughout the ages.

Throughout the world people have survived and thrived in harsh environments for thousands of years thanks to their knowledge of irrigation.

Simple ancient irrigation and with complex architectural roots that have been passed on for generations.

This is a way of life that has existed since biblical times that is now threatened by the modern world.

Video: Women Securing the Peace in Liberia

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Video: Women Securing the Peace in LiberiaVideo: Women of the United Nations police and peacekeeping forces that entered Liberia after the civil war have inspired a new generation of Liberian women to don uniforms.

"Law and order comes back so that there is a sense of security among the civilians. And having women peacekeepers, I think, fulfills this objective."

Women make up a significant percentage of the multinational police and peacekeeping forces under the direction of the United Nations that entered Liberia after the civil war.


Video: Sex and Lies - South Africa

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Sex and Lies - South AfricaVideo: For many women, sex slavery is the only viable means of escape from the destitution of their homeland.

This intimate look at the fiercely competitive multi-billion dollar skin trade explores viewpoints from the government, clubowners, and the women themselves.

The public face of the South African sex industry, but behind the glamourous strip shows is a dark secret underworld.

Here international operators peddle in Human flesh luring foreign women with promises of money.


Video: Poor Whites - South Africa

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Poor Whites - South AfricaVideo: Since the end of apartheid, thousands of white South Africans have been forced into poverty. They blame the government's positive discrimination policies, which favour black employees.

Twelve years ago, Afrikaners like Betsie Dreyer lived a privileged and cocooned life. Now, many are dependent on charity handouts. "We are fighting all the time to survive."

The government is determined to see the workforce appropriately reflect the population. It gives black people priority in employment, sets 'black quotas' for businesses and favours companies owned by black people.


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