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Video: Genetic Foods /Monsanto Revealed 1

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Prof Masaharu Kawata

Video: Genetic Foods/Monsanto Revealed Part 1 of 3. The Genetic Conspiracy - Following the Trail. Report from Germany's DW Television about genetically modified organism (GMO) foods and the Monsanto Corporation. "We wanted to answer one question: 'Is genetic engineering really dangerous?'

"Step One, the advertising videos of the manufacturers. They claim genetic engineering producer high yields, fights world hunger, and reduces the need for pesticides. "But what actually is a genetically modified plant? Most plants are genetically modified in such a way to make them capable of withstanding a large dose of herbicides. While the weeds on the field die, the genetically modified plant won't.

"Next, we do some Internet research. We find more than half a million critical entries on the subject of risks. A frequent point of criticism: allergy dangers. Experts argue about whether sufficient testing on such risks has been done. Another discovery we made on the Internet is this article by a Japanese professor. He criticizes the license papers of genetically modified soy beans. He found misinterpretations, false conclusions, and disregarded data...."

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