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One on One with the Legendary Writer Gore Vidal

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Gore VidalVideo 24:53. I think I'm more important in the long run than that country (USA) which has not been heard from recently except for blowing up villages in the desert.

American Foreign Policy: “Insanity. You don't go to war against most of the world unless you can win one of the wars. We don't count World War II. We had a little help from the Russians.”

“General Electric owns one of the great networks. Will that great network ever criticize General Electric for making the atomic bomb and encouraging its use against Japan? No they won't.”

“We overlap too many things, except intelligence, which we don't have that much of two overlap. It's off in a corner.”

“I was one of the few voices that went on television and yelled when Bush with that ghastly little attorney general (Alberto Gonzales) got rid of the Bill of Rights in our country. He and Bush together..., Bush wanted more power. More power you get by being a wartime president. You do that by declaring war on somebody without asking them. That's what he did. That's what Bush did. In a normal country, both Bush and he would have been imprisoned and tried for treason.”

“He was really stupid, but that's not unusual in American journalism. If everyone else is stupid they might as well just be dumb too. That's what were up against. Indomitable stupidity.”

“You act as if America was a fact. It's a notion. It's a flag. It's a lot a loud noise. I don't think much of anybody who takes it very seriously.”

“Look. I accept. They don't accept anybody. I am the one who decides, because I write the record. That's how it goes. And it never occurred to me that I was on probation. I said the whole god damned country is on probation when I am sitting here on the bench.”

“Despite provocation I have never killed anyone. I thought that was pretty neat. (As a legacy). Well why not? There are worse legacies around.”