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Video: David LaChapelle's Awesome Art

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David LaChapelle's Awesome Art

Video (7 min 49sec) of David LaChapelle a photographer and director who works in the fields of fashion, advertising, and fine art photography, and is noted for his surreal and often humorous style. Legendary lensman David LaChapelle recently celebrated a twenty year retrospective of his work at New York's Deitch Gallery. Thousand turned out to see his show "Artists & Prostitutes. David Chapelle does it all - fashion photography, art photography, exceptional almost surreal music videos for many stars, and a wonderful dance video called "Rize about a new form of dance invented in East L. A..

David LaChapelle knows a thing or two about fun as his photographs can clearly attest. He got his first photography job at Andy Warhol's "Interview" magazine when he was just 18. Since then he has gone on to work with most of the leading pop culture icons.

David LaChapelle's New York Retrospective

"I never became a photographer thinking I was going to make any money in the first place..., what makes me happy is making art, creating things, being with my friends, being with my family, people that I love. "The Andy Warhol of our time..." Pamela Anderson

LaChapelle directed singer Elton John's show, The Red Piano at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace, which premiered in 2004. The show features extensive use of video technology on an LED screen backing the show that, when built, was promoted as the largest and brightest of all time. Several of John's songs during the performance are accompanied by short films by LaChapelle.

He has directed advertisements for major stores. In 2006 he directed "Romeo and Juliet", a 5 minute long commercial for H&M's new denim brand and "Tis the Season to be Gorgeous", a humorous Christmas commercial for UK retailer Boots Group showing very glamourous self-indulgent women doing relatively mundane Christmas tasks.

David LaChapelle's Web Site

His first professional job as a photographer was offered by Andy Warhol for Interview magazine. LaChapelle has four published books of his photographs, LaChapelle Land and Hotel LaChapelle, both containing vivid and bizarre portraits of celebrities such as Marilyn Manson, Drew Barrymore and Uma Thurman.

LaChapelle's film Rize, a documentary on the krumping style of dance that invaded South Central Los Angeles, premiered at Sundance in 2005 and was released theatrically that summer.

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