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Judge Calls Anti-Hemp Legislation 'Assinine'

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Judge calls anti hemp legislation "Assinine" - That's right! He said Assinine. In the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, there's an interesting fight going on between the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and members of the Lakota Nation at Pine Ridge. DEA are trying to place an injunction preventing the White Plumes from growing industrial hemp.

In what has been deemed a Tribal sovereignty case. You see the White Plume family has been planting industrial grade hemp (tho illegal to grow in the US, Industrial Hemp contains virtually none of the THC, not enough Cannabinols to give a buzz to any size human)


After the Government made it's case, Judge Arlin "Jim" Beam commented, "It seems asinine to me that they can bring in the Canadian stuff and use it but can't grow it."

Beam also suggested that it did not make sense that Congress would try to make the economy of Native American tribes more enhanced by casino gambling but not allow industrial hemp cultivation.

The federal government filed a civil suit against the White Plumes in U.S. District Court in South Dakota despite the fact that the Lakota were growing hemp for seed and fiber when they entered into the treaties with the U.S. government.

"Because federal Indian law allows tribes to continue doing something today that they were doing at the time they signed treaties with the U.S. government, the Lakota have an excellent chance at reversal," says Ken Friedman, local counsel for the Hemp Industries Association and Vote Hemp who submitted their brief in the White Plume case.

Source: scalarparty.