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Judge Rejects Willie's Plea Deal for 3oz of Marijuana

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Willie NelsonCheck This: Video 2min 23sec. A Texas Judge Rejects Willie Nelson Plea Deal On Arrest For 3 Ounces Of Marijuana.

The judge in Willie Nelson's latest marijuana case. Here's what happened. Last year, you may remember, Willie Nelson was on the road again and got arrested for pot possession again, at a border stop in Texas.

There was apparently a very specific odor emminating from Mr. Nelson's tour bus. How much do you want to bet that the vending machine in the border patrol break room was subsequently relieved of all of its cool Ranch Doritos.

Anyway, Willie worked out a plea deal paying a $500 fine and court costs but the judge is apparently not at all stoked. She just rejected the plea deal. So now the case is back in limbo.

And there is the judge told the New York Times that she thinks the prosecutor is giving Willie special treatment because he's a fan.

Let's have a bit of perspective here, people. It was 3 ounces of pot on Willie Nelson's tour bus.

Am I the only one who assumes that on a Willie Nelson tour bus the bus pulls a flatbed trailer under a cover with an entire acre of marijuana tended by Cheech, Chong, and Snoop Dogg. 3 ounces? Willie Nelson's braids weigh more than that.