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Video: Rafting the Rio Grande's Taos Box

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Rafting Taos Box

Video (1min 44sec): Rafting the Rio Grande's Taos Box with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures. New Mexico's Whitewater Rafting Season starts in mid-April, as ski areas close down and the snow begins to melt. This is the beginning of the "High Water" rafting season. This early season until mid June offers the biggest whitewater features and excitement for. Increasing temperatures and declining water levels as summer progresses lead to New Mexico's Technical late season runs. This is a great time for families to go rafting in New Mexico. This part of the season lasts through the first week of September in most years.

What Should I Bring Rafting?
Sunscreen, the sun on the river can be intense!
Wear clothes that dry quickly. Nylon or poly fabrics are best.

On cooler days, bring wool, poly, or polar fleece clothing.
On warmer days a t-shirt and shorts are appropriate.
Shoes that can get wet, and stay on your feet (no flip flops)
A change of clothes for the ride home.
Optional: Waterproof Cameras, Sunglasses with a strap.
Please do not bring valuables such as jewelry on your rafting trip.

Video provided by Kokopelli Rafting Adventures, Santa Fe.