You are here: Russia Video: Putin Accuses US of Staging Georgia Conflict

Video: Putin Accuses US of Staging Georgia Conflict

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Vladmir Putin

Video (4min 45sec): Vladimir Putin Accuses US of Staging Georgia Conflict. Gareth Porter: The US is going to use a double standard to condemn Russia. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated that the US may have staged the Georgian Conflict. In an interview with CNN, Putin had this to say:

"If my guesses are proved, then it raises suspicion that someone in the United States had deliberately created this conflict with the purpose of aggravating the situation and creating an advantage for one of the candidates."

"Putin's assertion has surfaced before considering that Senator John McCain's foreign policy advisor is Randy Scheunemann. Conservative politician Pat Buchanan wrote in 'from January 2007 to March 2008, the McCain campaign paid Scheunemann $70,000.00, pocket change, compared to the $290,000 his Orion Strategies banked in those same 15 months from the Georgian regime of Mikhail Saakashvili." "Saakashvili," Buchanan states, "wanted Scheunemann to get Georgia a NATO war guarantee. Get America committed to fight Russia, if necessary, on behalf of Georgia..."