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Video: Russia Army is Second Strongest in World

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Video: Russia Army is Second Strongest in WorldVideo: (5min 36sec) Russia Army is Second Strongest in World

Video slide show of the Russian army gives you an idea of the second most powerful army in the world looks like. The Ground Forces of The Russian Army included an estimated total 395,000 including an estimated 190,000 conscripts and 35,000 personnel of the Airborne Forces (VDV) in 2006. This can be compared to an estimated 670,000, with 210,000 conscripts, in 1995–96.

More money is arriving both for personnel and equipment; Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said in June 2008 that monetary allowances for servicemen in permanent-readiness units will be raised significantly. Enlisted pay will rise to 65,000 rubles ($US2,750) per month and the pay of officers on combat duty in rapid response units will rise to 100,000–150,000 rubles ($US4,230–$6,355) per month. Jane's World Armies notes that the Soviet/Russian military tradition has never placed much importance on the survivability of individual soldiers, and thus eschews protective equipment such as flak jackets and helmets as being too heavy and uncomfortable, though promises to improve this state of affairs have been made.