Capturing the Beauty of San Francisco De Asis Church


Saint Francis de Asis Church, St Francis de Asis Church, vernacular architectureVideo 2:10. Fabulous video from TaosWebb.

For nearly 200 years Saint Francis de Asis Church has stood at the heart and cultural and spiritual lives of Taos.

It's a masterpiece of vernacular architecture. and not surprisingly, has attracted the attention of thousands of artists over the last century.

In fact, it's reputed to be the most often painted and photographed religious structure in the US.

The early Taos painters were captivated by the church, among them Ernest Blumenshien who painted his Church at Ranchos de Taos in 1917.

World famous artists have painted it - John Marin in 1930. And Georgia O'Keefe the same year.

As O'Keefe said, "Artists who spend any time in Taos have to paint it."

St Francis de Asis Church