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Danzante: The Living Tradition

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Aztec Dancers

If you have ever seen these Aztec dancers live you know how amazing they are. This colorful video (27min 47sec) presentation of ceremonial dances is performed by a Taos-based Aztec dance troupe that considers itself a participant in a living tradition. Here is a rare opportunity to enjoy the Sun, Fire, Jaguar and other dances passed down through the Azteca, Mayan, and Chichimeca cultures from pre-Columbian times. Includes Dorotea Martinez Miera, Guillermo Chavez Rosete, Pat Garza, Larry Sargent, Norberto Zamudio. "As Danzantes we continue a tradition. Our message carries the word of the continent of Anahuac, of the American continent. We bring the word of the elders and the ancient ones..."


Orginally broadcast on New Mexico PBS station KNME-TV.