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Feeny Lipscomb, Taos "Minister of Fun", Dies at 65

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Taos' Beloved Feeny LipscombFeeny Lipscomb's famous quote: "If it's not fun, don't do it. And if you have to do it, make it fun." And in her last days, she was asked "If this were fun, what would it look like?"

She was The Minister of FUN. Her friends were Priests and Priestess of Joy, initiated by her of course. She was the party, anywhere she went.

Many of us believed if anyone could overcome stage 4 cancer, it would be her. And she triumphed for several months, since her dire diagnosis last Oct. She began to research alternative medicine, as she was told she was inoperable, and was told she could do chemo and radiation, but that it was futile.

She found a place in ABQ that specialized in alternative cancer medicine, and after our fundraiser in Dec she had enough money for 2 months of treatment. That was a huge turning point for Feeny. She became so healthy, she absolutely glowed with health and vigor. Feeny LispcombShe became vegan and did as much of her life affirming protocols herself, which was very taxing, but she was a champion of life and never said it was too much. If any of us asked her if she needed help, she said, "NO, I'm fine" Fiercely independent that one.

She ran out of funds and was not able to carry on with her  IV treatments and that was when she began to have the symptoms that accompany the dreaded "C".

Feeny was one of the  founders of the current Taos, whose mission is community. It was important that everyone felt welcome. The Taos Inn, as it is called "the Living room of Taos" was her innovation when she was part owner. She founded All One Tribe Drums, to bring the joy of indigenous music to the world through drumming, and the native drums made here in Taos. She also founded the Spring Art Festival. She organized many fundraisers in Taos and in her second home, Todo Santos, Mexico. Giving was Feeny's greatest joy.

She did not go down with a whimper. She was powerfully affirming life until the very end. Her hospice Angels had their hands full, as she needed to move constantly, talk, and be sung to.  She was very sharp until the end, commenting on how gorgeous one looked, how beautifully we sang, or what a gift it was to come to see her. She believed until the very end that a miracle could take place. And in a way it did. She brought many of her friends from various areas of her life together with one purpose, to share in the joy of life and family that she created around her. Anyone whose life she touched was forever changed. And we are all family, All One Tribe.

Feeny's charisma and love kept our community pure of heart and wild of spirit. Our new slogan shall be "What Would Feeny Do?"

Feeny Lipscomb's All One Tribe DrumsShe had several angels with her at the time of her passing, which was early this morning. Her hospice care was administered by several of her loving and loyal friends, who washed, dressed and anointed her to lie in state for a few hours today. Many close friends came to say goodbye, bringing flowers, oceans of tears and stories of joy and her indomitable persona.

Her body was taken by Rivera Funeral home at 4pm to be cremated. No word as yet as to her memorial.

Composed by
Ana Chavez,  with anecdotal stories from Sunny Redmond, Ana Easter, Tara Lupo, Phyllis Landis, Athena Hahn,Tracy Collins and Anthony Carlson Publisher's Note: might not have existed without Feeny Lipscomb. Feeny gathered together 4 creative computer-types in a space above her All One Tribe Drum Company on South Gusdorf in 1996-1998. That group became known as Taos MultiMedia Guild. I was one of those four participants. The Web was very new then. We worked and played with "The Web" and studied and discussed and figured the future as best we could individually and collectively. Feeny and I used to see each other all the time then, and she was almost always at our regular Tuesday morning meetings, and our occasional Friday night beer and darts parties at the Guild's computer lab. The seeds of TMA's ( Taos MultiMedia Studio ( and all the Web sites were planted then. The domain name was registered while in the final days of 'the Guild'. I loved my interactions with Feeny and, in my heart, often thank her for calling me that day in '96 to see if I was interested in this idea.

Thanks, Feeny. :-)

Much Love, Your Friend Forever,

J. R. Ransom

Diné poet Lyla Johnston Recites a Poem

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Lyla Johnston, Diné poetVideo 2:53 by Rick Romancito and Melody Romancito for the Taos News Media Center.

Lyla Johnston recites a poem as preview for the SOMOS Winter Writer's Series finale.

Lyla Johnston is a Diné poet and high school student whose poetry sends out a positive message and has inspired many audiences to join a more conscious humanity.

Lyla Johnston has won numerous awards at U.S. regional and national poetry slams, and was a featured performer at the Global Forum in Indonesia last year.

This event took place at Harwood Museum of Art, 238 Ledoux Street, Taos ~ $7 / $5 S.O.M.O.S. Members, on Friday, February 23, 2007, 7:00 p.m., Series Finale

The Around the World series finale and joint benefit for Cultural Energy.

Feeny Lipscomb's Battle with Stage IV Breast Cancer

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Feeny LispcombShort video (9min 22sec) of Taos'-own Feeny Lipscomb's experience as she battles stage 4 breast cancer.

Searching for only natural methods to restore her body back to health, Feeny searched the Internet for clinics who specialize in natural medicine.

"I was diagnosed in October with stage IV breast cancer with really really unusually prevalent metastasis everywhere.

So I had in the bones. And I had it and lung nets, and many many, multiple tumors in the breasts. So, yeah, it was pretty much all over."

She found Alternative Health Systems, AHC LLC In Albuquerque, New Mexico. This privately owned clinic is not a cancer treatment center. They specialize in antifungal/microbial alternative therapies.

Their goal is to detoxify the body, boosts the immune system and teach their clients how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise, and nutrition. They are very successful at changing people's lives.

Feeny Also had Oral MRFH Solutions, Oxygen therapy, Nutritional counseling, emotional therapy, energy work, detox foot baths, and live cell analysis while she was at the clinic.

She was also given a routine to follow while at home, which consisted of juicing, coffee enemas, and more.

It's Rock Ridgeway's Amazing 1-Piece 'Cameleon' Garment

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Amazing 1-Piece 'Camelion' GarmentVideo 5min. In Taos, New Mexico: Rock Ridgeway demonstrates his amazing one piece garment "The Cameleon".

There is no piece of clothing or clothing style quite like The Cameleon.

It's a one piece completely convertible piece of clothing that Rock designed many years ago, and that he has been selling to people for a long time.

This is part of the presentation Rock Ridgeway has given to zillions of people at Renaissance Fairs throughout America.

Over the years Rock has sold tens of thousands of the Cameleon, a unique, marvelous, fun, multi-functional garments that can be used dozens of ways.

It makes into 5 different dresses, 2 skirts, pants, poncho, tunic, cape, hauling bag, and much more.

The Cameleon garment can be worn by men and women and is available in utility and designer fabrics.

Rock is helped out by Glory in this video.

Home-Video style by J. R. Ransom.

From Mother Earth News

"In today's world, it seems that each new product is designed to serve a single function," notes Rock Ridgeway, of a firm called AtOM SEED (Synergetic Environmental Ecological Devices) System. "Instead of having thousands of such items, we ought to develop tools with multiple uses." And that's the concept behind the "Cameleon", a garment and liv ing device that Rock first imagined while on a trek in Colorado.

"With 45 pounds of inspiration on my back, I began to ponder ways that I could lighten my load," he recalls. "A mental inventory brought me to the realization that I was carrying a pack, poncho, tent, parka, and sleeping bag all made of nylon. It seemed to me that a single, more efficient, shape could fulfill all the functions served by that gear with less bulk and weight.

"After three years of trial and error, the first Cameleon—a meter-per-side hexagon of cloth with a tube, of the same material, in its center—was developed. By folding it, zipping it, buttoning it, and/or gathering its drawstrings, the user can adapt the fabric shape to serve one purpose after another . . . almost ,as quickly as the reptile it's named (though not spelled) after can change its hue For example while on an outdoor expedition, you could wear one Cameleon as a shirt, a second as ; pair of pants, and a third as a cape . . . and carry a fourth as a backpack. Then—when you arrive at your campsite—your shirt becomes your pillow . . . your pants evolve into a sleeping bag. . . your cape is transformed into a dropcloth... and your backpack unfolds into a tent. Read More at Mother Earth News.

Visit Cameleon Clothes Web Site

John Nichols - Armageddon and New Mexico

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John NicholsVideo - 10min. Want a fabulous insight to Taos of 40 years ago?

John Nichols, author of "The Milagro Beanfield War," gives a fabulous talk titled "Armageddon and New Mexico" Jan. 20, 2011 at the University of New Mexico's Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, NM USA.

The talk chronicles the 40 some years in humor and pathos the life and times Nichols has experienced in Taos.

The talk also coincides with an exhibition of Calaveras prints by Nichols on view at the museum.

Video was shot and edited by Rick Romancito for The Taos News Media Center,

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