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Feeny Lipscomb's Battle with Stage IV Breast Cancer

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Feeny LispcombShort video (9min 22sec) of Taos'-own Feeny Lipscomb's experience as she battles stage 4 breast cancer.

Searching for only natural methods to restore her body back to health, Feeny searched the Internet for clinics who specialize in natural medicine.

"I was diagnosed in October with stage IV breast cancer with really really unusually prevalent metastasis everywhere.

So I had in the bones. And I had it and lung nets, and many many, multiple tumors in the breasts. So, yeah, it was pretty much all over."

She found Alternative Health Systems, AHC LLC In Albuquerque, New Mexico. This privately owned clinic is not a cancer treatment center. They specialize in antifungal/microbial alternative therapies.

Their goal is to detoxify the body, boosts the immune system and teach their clients how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise, and nutrition. They are very successful at changing people's lives.

Feeny Also had Oral MRFH Solutions, Oxygen therapy, Nutritional counseling, emotional therapy, energy work, detox foot baths, and live cell analysis while she was at the clinic.

She was also given a routine to follow while at home, which consisted of juicing, coffee enemas, and more.