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The Albuquerque to Taos Airport Shuttle

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The famous view of Taos beneath sacred Taos Mountain as you come out of The Rio Grande Gorge, headed north. This is a favorite spot for photographers.

There is, now, one shuttle service that connects Taos, New Mexico and Albuquerque Sunport. That airport shuttle service is Twin Hearts Express & Transportation. Faust's Transportation & Tours no longer offers Albuquerque to Taos airport shuttle service. Here's some information about Twin Hearts.

By taking the airport shuttle you will be greeted with interesting scenery and will feel yourself surrounded by the quaint, earthy, relaxing life-style of Northern New Mexico. The airport shuttle takes you north on highways near the Rio Grande River through, Cochiti, Santa Fe, Espanola.


Soon after you pass Espanola and the Santa Clara Pueblo's casino, you reach Velarde and pass into The Rio Grande Gorge where you travel the winding two-lane road beside the Rio Grande River. After some time in the gorge passing through towns like Rinconada, Embudo, Dixon and Pilar, the highway rises out of the gorge and you are greeted by the marvelous site of Taos town above the gorge with sacred Taos Mountain in the distance.

The airport shuttle service will pick you up or drop you off just about anywhere around Taos. This is a great service that is economical and efficient. Taos currently now has no airline to shuttle us back and forth between Taos to Albuquerque International Airport, which is called Albuquerque Sunport. Prior arrangements are needed, so You Must Make Reservations.


You would definitely want to use the shuttle if you want to avoid renting a car at Albuquerque Sunport. If you are staying in the central Taos Plaza area, with a lot of nice shops and restaurants within easy walking distance, you might not need a car at all.


The shuttle journey takes about three hours between Taos and Albuquerque Sunport. That is somewhat variable because of potential stops along the way. However, the drive is about 150 miles and both services are very reliable long term operations that serve thousands of people. Through all different types of weather, these companies have gotten us through.


If you are "not from around here" and are visiting the American Southwest for the first time, then you may want to check out the scenery as you ride north. The altitude of Albuquerque is 5,352', and Taos is listed at 7,000' (but Taos Airport is listed at 7091'), so you will climb about 1700 feet during your shuttle trip to Taos, New Mexico. Actually on your shuttle trip you will climb to Santa Fe at 7,000' and then down to about 5790' in Espanola before climbing all the way to Taos at 7K.

Please Remember that it is best to call the airport shuttle service early with your travel reservations.

Twin Hearts Express & Transportation
Twin Hearts Express & Transportation provides Daily Airport Service to and from Albuquerque Sunport for Santa Fe, Espanola, Taos, Red River, and Southern Colorado. There are 4 Daily Departures. The Twin Hearts Express pick-up schedule is somewhat negotiable. Available charters and special times; call for further information.



Departures from Albuquerque International Sunport:
11:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM
Approximate Travel Time to Taos is 3 hours

2 July 2008