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Taos Mountain WebCam

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The Moods of Sacred Taos Mountain with the new photograph shown on this WebCam posted every 15 seconds during daylight hours.

Painters and photographers often visit the back field of El Torreon Hacienda to capture the marvelous unique view of Taos Mountain. And you can enjoy this wonderful view at lunch or dinner sitting in the romantic, relaxed atmosphere of the mountain view patio at El Torreon Hacienda.

There are interesting things that can sometimes be seen in these photographs. There are almost always horses grazing in the field. Many animals including domestic animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats are in these fields. This area also sees bear, coyote, wild cats, eagles, hawks, nighthawks, and oh so many more species. Also in these photographs might be a person painting or walking, a car, or maybe something else. One of the workers mowing the back field actually "mooned" the camera a few years ago.